Serbian Patriarch and Prime Minister Meet: National Unity Highlighted

Serbian Patriarch and Prime Minister Meet: National Unity Highlighted – OCP News Service – 06/05/2024

Belgrade-Serbia: In a significant meeting on May 4,2024, Serbian Patriarch Porfirije received newly elected Prime Minister Miloš Vučević at the Patriarchal See in Belgrade.

The spiritual leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church offered his blessings to Prime Minister Vučević for his success in governing for the benefit of all Serbian citizens. Patriarch Porfirije presented the Prime Minister with an icon of Saint Sava, the first Serbian Archbishop, emphasizing Saint Sava’s dedication to national unity as a guiding principle. He stressed the importance of unity while acknowledging and respecting the various legitimate differences within Serbia.

Prime Minister Vučević expressed his satisfaction that his first official meeting as head of state was with Patriarch Porfirije, particularly on the eve of Easter, a major Christian holiday.

This meeting signifies a potential for collaboration between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the government, with a focus on promoting national unity while respecting diversity.


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