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President Vučić Seeks Patriarch’s Blessing Before UN Assembly on Srebrenica Resolution

OCP- May 21, 2024 – OCP News Service – 20/05/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: On the morning of May 20, 2024, President Aleksandar Vučić attended a prayer service led by Serbian Patriarch ... Read More

Serbian Orthodox Church Bishops Council Meets in Belgrade, Addresses Kosovo Ban and Church Issues

OCP- May 20, 2024 – OCP News Service – 20/05/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: The Holy Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church concluded its regular session on May 18th, ... Read More

Patriarch Kirill Expresses Sadness and Outrage Over Serbian Church Leaders Denied Entry into Kosovo

OCP- May 18, 2024

OCP News Service – 21/04/2024Moscow- Russia:  His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has expressed sadness and outrage over the denial of entry into Kosovo for ... Read More

Patriarch Porfirije and Archbishops Meet with President Vučić of Serbia

OCP- May 18, 2024 – OCP News Service – 18/05/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: On May 17, 2024, the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, hosted a festive ... Read More

Serbian Patriarch Denied Entry to Kosovo, Vows to Continue Supporting Serbs

OCP- May 14, 2024 – OCP News Service – 14/05/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: In a move sparking outrage in Serbia, Kosovar authorities denied entry to Serbian Patriarch Porfirije and seven other ... Read More

Serbian Patriarch and Prime Minister Meet: National Unity Highlighted

OCP- May 6, 2024 – OCP News Service – 06/05/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: In a significant meeting on May 4,2024, Serbian Patriarch Porfirije received newly elected Prime Minister Miloš Vučević ... Read More

Metropolitan Mark of ROCOR Visited Patriarch Porfirije

OCP- April 12, 2024 OCP News Service – 12/04/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: On April 7, 2024, coinciding with the feast of the Annunciation and the anniversary of St. Justin of ... Read More

Tensions Flare as Scholar Criticizes Serbian Orthodox Church Property Management in Kosovo

OCP- April 8, 2024 – OCP News Service – 08/04/2024 Prizren-Kosovo: A recent interview with Eleonora Visoka Weller, a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge specializing in ... Read More

Serbian Orthodox Church Holds Conference on Kosovo and Metohija

OCP- March 31, 2024 – OCP News Service – 31/03/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: The Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) hosted a major conference titled "Kosovo and Metohija - History and Cultural ... Read More

Serbia Marks 25 Years Since NATO Bombing with Call for Peace

OCP- March 30, 2024 – OCP News Service – 30/03/2024 Belgrade-Serbia: Serbian Patriarch Porfirije led a memorial service yesterday at the Square of Toplica Heroes, commemorating the victims of ... Read More