Serbian Patriarch Porfirije Renews Call for Respect of Religious Rights in Schools

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije Renews Call for Respect of Religious Rights in Schools – OCP News Service – 05/07/2024

Belgrade-Serbia: Public outcry has resurfaced following a report by His Holiness Patriarch Porphyria of Serbia regarding the alleged mistreatment of students and parents by some school principals concerning religious education.

The Patriarch’s initial report detailed concerning behavior by certain principals towards students and their families in matters of faith. A public letter from the Trstenik Municipal Assembly President dated July 1, 2024, serves as a testament to the validity of some of these claims.

The letter acknowledges that authorities investigated the Patriarch’s claims two years ago, but significant improvement seems to be lacking. The report cites findings from the 2023/24 academic year where educational inspections uncovered irregularities in religious education classes at 21 Belgrade schools. Overcrowding was also mentioned, with some classes exceeding 45 students, hindering proper instruction.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is again urging the public, particularly parents and students, to actively defend their right to participate in religious education classes, regardless of their faith. The Church calls upon school principals and relevant authorities to uphold the rights of religious people and their children, who they claim represent the majority in Serbian society.


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