Ecumenical Policy

OCP Society describes itself as an organization exclusively dedicated to Orthodox Christian unity with ecumenical respect.

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE considers ecumenism outside Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches that is to denote relationship and dialogue between Orthodox Churches and heterodox denominations.

Pan-Orthodox/Inter-Orthodox/Intra-Orthodox relation is the term used to denote relationship among all Orthodox Churches.

The OCP society does not say no or yes to ecumenism or ecumenical dialogue but always emphasizes the fact that the first and prime importance of all Orthodox Churches (Eastern and Oriental) is to establish unity and communion and to build a common platform and administrative structure based on Orthodox Christian conciliar system. It stresses on the need to establish a continuous dialogue, not only between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Church but also with Old Believers, new generation, non-canonical Orthodox and with traditional Orthodox churches. OCP Society states that Orthodoxy must lead ecumenism and the participation of Orthodox Churches in ecumenical activities must always help the heterodox to get reminded of their lost Orthodox past, traditions and origin.