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Albanian Church Call for Urgent Pan-Orthodox Council to Resolve Issues in Orthodox Churches

OCP- March 14, 2023

Pan-Orthodox Council 2016 OCP News Service – 14/03/2022 Tirana – Albania: Through the statement of the Albanian Holy Synod that was published on March 11, 2023, ... Read More

Albanian Orthodox Church Recognized Macedonian Orthodox Church

OCP- March 12, 2023 OCP News Service – 08/03/2022 Tirana – Albania: Holy Synod of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania recognized Macedonian Orthodox Church on its synod ... Read More

Life of Abba Ezra, Abbot of St Merqoriewos (Mercurius) and Ambiguity on his Demise

OCP- March 9, 2023

OCP News Service – 09/03/2023 Asmara – Eritrea:  Abba Ezra, Abbot of St Merqoriewos (Mercurius) entered into enteral rest on February 15, 2023. Abba Ezra ... Read More

Pope Tawadros II Received Ararat Mirzoyan

OCP- March 9, 2023 Gerges Mounir Hanna – OCP News Service – 09/03/2023 Cairo – Egypt: His Holiness Pope Tawadros II received Ararat Mirzoyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs ... Read More

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society – Annual Activity Report (2022) Published

OCP- March 8, 2023

OCP News Service – 08/03/2023 Global: We are delighted to present to you the annual activity report of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society for the ... Read More

Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and Slovakia Recognized the Autocephaly of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric

OCP- March 6, 2023 OCP News Service – 06/03/2023 Prešov – Slovakia: The synod session of the Orthodox Church Church in the Czech Lands and Slovakia that was held ... Read More

Ethiopia Celebrated Tenth Enthronement Anniversary of Abune Mathias

OCP- March 4, 2023

ESG – OCP News Service – 04/03/2023 Addis Ababa- Ethiopia:  The 10th anniversary of the enthronement of His Holiness Abune Mathias as the Patriarch of ... Read More

Viktor Orban of Hungary Visited Pope Tawadros II

OCP- March 2, 2023 Gerges Mounir Hanna – OCP News Service – 01/03/2023 Cairo – Egypt: Holiness Pope Tawadros II received the Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. ... Read More

Abune Yohannes of Saint Frumentius Theological College in Mekele Enters Eternal Rest

OCP- February 28, 2023

EOTC TV ESG – OCP News Service – 28/02/2023 Addis Ababa- Ethiopia: His Grace Abune Yohannes who was the head of Saint Michael's Cathedral and ... Read More

Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Africa Received Official Registration in Kenya

OCP- February 27, 2023 Wanjala Immanuel (Delegate of Uganda and All East Africa) - OCP News Service – 25/11/2022 Nairobi – Kenya: Patriarchal Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox ... Read More