All-Serbian Assembly Adopts Declaration on National Identity and Cooperation with Church

All-Serbian Assembly Adopts Declaration on National Identity and Cooperation with Church

OCP News Service – 10/06/2024

Belgrade-Serbia:  The governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska convened an All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade on June 8, 2024. The assembly culminated in the adoption of a Declaration on the Protection of National and Political Rights and the Common Future of the Serbian People. This report details the key points of the Declaration and the remarks of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porfirije at the event.

Declaration Highlights:

  • The Declaration outlines 49 conclusions, positions, and goals aimed at promoting peace, stability, and the preservation of Serbian national, cultural, and religious identity.
  • It recognizes the importance of religious freedom while emphasizing the Serbian Orthodox Church’s unique role in uniting the Serbian people and preserving their identity throughout history.
  • The Declaration calls for closer cooperation between the Church and state on issues like preserving traditional Christian values, strengthening families, and supporting the Church’s educational activities.

Patriarch Porfirije’s Remarks:

  • Patriarch Porfirije emphasized the spiritual dimension of national identity, rooted in Orthodox Christianity.
  • He stressed the importance of both economic well-being and spiritual identity for a nation’s survival.
  • The Patriarch highlighted the assembly’s purpose: self-affirmation, dialogue with others, and mutual support within the Serbian community.
  • He emphasized the assembly’s peaceful intentions and its focus on strengthening the Serbian community for the benefit of all.

Overall, the All-Serbian Assembly and the adopted Declaration represent a significant effort by Serbian leadership to solidify national identity and foster closer cooperation between the state and the Serbian Orthodox Church.


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