Finnish Archbishop Blasts Moscow Patriarchate: “No Trace of Orthodoxy Left”

Finnish Archbishop Blasts Moscow Patriarchate: “No Trace of Orthodoxy Left”

OCP News Service and – 11/06/2024

Helsinki – Finland: In a scathing speech, Archbishop Leo of Helsinki and All Finland accused the Patriarchate of Moscow of abandoning Christian principles and embracing a dangerous ideology.

Speaking at his church’s General Assembly, Archbishop Leo, who recently announced his retirement, used the parable of the Good Samaritan to highlight the importance of helping those in need. He criticized religious institutions that turn a blind eye to suffering, both within and outside the religious sphere.

His strongest condemnation was reserved for the Moscow Patriarchate. Archbishop Leo stated that “a new totalitarian myth and ideology” has replaced Orthodoxy in Moscow, a blend of “Russian Messianism, Orthodox fascism and ethnophyletism.” He accused the Patriarchate of promoting a “Manichean heresy” dividing the world into good and evil.

These concerns, Archbishop Leo argued, have direct consequences in Finland. He expressed worry that “Russian expansionism” and the invasion of Ukraine, blessed by the Moscow Patriarchate, might have found allies within Finland’s Orthodox community.

The Archbishop concluded by emphasizing the importance of church unity in truly Christian action. He called for a united church to uphold Gospel values and confront these challenges.


OCP News Service

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