Orthodox Church and Moldovan Presidency Embrace Easter Spirit of Unity

Orthodox Church and Moldovan Presidency Embrace Easter Spirit of Unity


OCP News Service – 06/05/2024

Chişinău – Moldova: In anticipation of the forthcoming Holy Easter Holidays, His Grace Metropolitan Vladimir, the esteemed Primate of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, convened a significant meeting at the Presidential Palace with Her Excellency, Mrs. Maia Sandu, the distinguished President of the Republic of Moldova.

The encounter, steeped in the essence of Easter joy and the profound significance of the Resurrection, served as a platform for dialogue on the imperative of fostering unity, mutual understanding, and compassionate care for one another within the Moldovan society.

Amidst the exchange, President Sandu extended her earnest encouragement to Metropolitan Vladimir, urging him to persist in the Orthodox Church’s noble endeavors to champion peace and reconciliation both locally and on the global stage. She lauded the Church’s enduring commitment to cultivating harmony and empathy among individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

In reciprocation, Metropolitan Vladimir conveyed heartfelt appreciation for the President’s steadfast support and echoed her sentiments regarding the paramount importance of peace and unity in societal cohesion. He reiterated the Orthodox Church’s unwavering dedication to its role as a peacemaker, underlining its steadfast resolve to extend love and service to all, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliations.

As the meeting drew to a close, Metropolitan Vladimir seized the opportunity to extend warm Easter felicitations to President Maia Sandu, offering sincere wishes for her well-being, tranquility, and joy throughout the festive season.

The exchange concluded on a note of mutual respect and goodwill, exemplifying the shared commitment of the Church and the Moldovan government to the holistic welfare and prosperity of the Moldovan populace.


OCP News Service

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