President Vučić Seeks Patriarch’s Blessing Before UN Assembly on Srebrenica Resolution – OCP News Service – 20/05/2024

Belgrade-Serbia: On the morning of May 20, 2024, President Aleksandar Vučić attended a prayer service led by Serbian Patriarch Porfirije at the Temple of St. Sava in Vračar, before departing for New York to participate in the United Nations General Assembly. The President is set to advocate against the adoption of a resolution on Srebrenica, which he views as unjust towards the Serbian people.

Patriarch Porfirije, addressing President Vučić, highlighted the significance of the journey and the challenges ahead. He expressed deep concerns over the proposed resolution, which he considers an untruthful and unjust portrayal of the events in Srebrenica.

“We have gathered in our sacred Memorial Temple of Saint Sava to pray before your trip to New York, where the great powers of the world intend to pass a resolution on the so-called genocide in Srebrenica at the United Nations. We consider it untruth and injustice in relation to the Serbian people,” Patriarch Porfirije stated.

The Patriarch emphasized the historical suffering of the Serbian people, citing atrocities endured during both World Wars and the ongoing pain of being misrepresented in history. He condemned the selective acknowledgment of victims, stressing that all innocent lives lost, regardless of ethnicity, deserve equal recognition and respect.

“Unfortunately, the world we live in has forgotten the genocide of the Serbian people in the twentieth century, as well as in the centuries that preceded it. Every other hill in places where Serbs live is a kind of Golgotha,” Patriarch Porfirije lamented. He underscored the importance of acknowledging all victims of war to pave the way for a peaceful future.

President Vučić, moved by the Patriarch’s words, reaffirmed his commitment to fighting for the truth and justice for all victims. He vowed to represent Serbia with dignity and to advocate for a more just world at the international forum.

“Our tricolor will fly proudly in New York,” President Vučić declared, highlighting his determination to combat falsehoods and support all nations striving for dignity and justice.

The Patriarch concluded the service by blessing President Vučić, wishing him strength, wisdom, and determination for the challenges ahead. The President’s trip to New York marks a crucial moment for Serbia on the global stage, as he seeks to challenge narratives and uphold the truth.


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