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Metropolitan Nicholas of ROCOR to Visit Serbia

OCP- June 10, 2024

OCP News Service – 10/06/2024 New York – United States: The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas ... Read More

Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia Welcomed Niko Vujičić

OCP- March 16, 2023

Pic : OCP News Service – 16/03/2023 Belgrade-Serbia: His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia welcomed well-known humanist, motivational speaker, and Serbian descent Mr. Nik ... Read More

‘Good Cooperation Between Two Nations is Based on Solid Foundations that are Strengthened in the Spirit of Mutual Understanding’ – Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia

OCP- February 26, 2023 OCP News Service – 25/02/2022 Belgrade-Serbia: 'Good cooperation between the two nations is based on solid foundations that are strengthened again and again in ... Read More

Ambassador of Syria to Serbia Thanked Serbian Orthodox Church for its Help and Aid

OCP- February 26, 2023 OCP News Service – 25/02/2022 Belgrade-Serbia: Ambassador Basema Dzaman Agu of the Republic of Syria to Serbia on behalf of president Bashar el-Assad thanked ... Read More

Patriarch Porfirije Awards Annual Scholarships to the Final Year Students of the University of Belgrade

OCP- February 25, 2023 OCP News Service – 24/12/2022 Belgrade-Serbia: Patriarch Porfirije, the Serbian Patriarch, presented scholarships to the final year students of the Faculty of Medicine, Electrical ... Read More