Bishop Ieronim of Sinaia Elected as Bishop of Dacia Felix

 Bishop Ieronim of Sinaia at the Holy Synod, Pic :

OCP News Service

Bucharest-Romania: The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church on 5th July 2022 elected Bishop Ieronim of Sinaia as the new bishop for the diocese of Dacia Felix reported 

The election was held through secret ballot under the chairmanship of Patriarch Daniel of Romania. Bishop Ieronim recived 29 votes out of 46 votes casted. Currently, Bishop Ieronim serves as  the Patriarchal Auxillary Bishop with the title of Bishop of Sinaia. Diocese of Dacia Felix is the Romaian Orthodox Diocese for the Romanians of Serbia. The diocese was established in the year 1997 with Vršac as the headquarters of the diocese. From 2009 diocese is directly subordinated to the Romanian Patriarchate.

OCP News Service

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