Jerusalem Church Leaders Deliver Easter Message of Hope Amidst Suffering

Jerusalem Church Leaders Deliver Easter Message of Hope Amidst Suffering

OCP News Service – 31/03/2024

Jerusalem-Holy Land: The Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem issued a powerful Easter message this year, emphasizing the enduring message of Christ’s Resurrection while acknowledging the ongoing struggles in the Holy Land and around the world. The message opens by highlighting the unity of the Christian community in Jerusalem, despite observing different Easter dates. It proclaims the timeless message of Christ’s victory over death and the promise of salvation for those who believe.

The message does not shy away from addressing the harsh realities of the region. It condemns the violence and suffering, particularly the war’s impact on innocent civilians. The Patriarchs reiterate their call for an immediate ceasefire, unimpeded humanitarian aid, and the release of captives. They emphasize the urgency of negotiations for a lasting peace, echoing Christ’s message of reconciliation.

The message offers special words of support to the Christians in Gaza, particularly those seeking refuge in churches and the staff of the Ahli Hospital. It acknowledges the “heavy crosses” they have borne and assures them of God’s unwavering love in the face of darkness.

The message concludes by drawing on the words of the Apostle Paul, emphasizing that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus. It closes with the joyful Easter greetings in multiple languages, proclaiming the triumphant message of Christ’s Resurrection: “Christ is Risen! He is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!”


OCP News Service

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