Armenian Archbishop Leads Mass Rally Against Border Deal, Demands PM Resignation

Armenian Archbishop Leads Mass Rally Against Border Deal, Demands PM Resignation

Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian of Tavush

OCP News Service – 10/05/2024

Yerevan-Armenia: Tens of thousands of Armenians gathered in Republic Square on May 09,2024, in a passionate display of opposition to a recent border agreement with Azerbaijan. The “Tavush for the Motherland” movement, led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian of the Tavush Diocese, kicked off the rally with a solemn ceremony. Armenia’s national anthem, the Lord’s Prayer, and chants of “Armenian, Motherland, Armenia and God” filled the air.

Archbishop Galstanian expressed gratitude to the crowd and reiterated the movement’s core demand: a halt to the border delimitation process in Tavush province. He emphasized a message of unity, stating, “Our movement has no color, but it is a combination of different colors, and the combination of all colors is white, the secret of reconciliation, peace, and victory.”

The rally took a strong stance against the Armenian government. The movement demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, offering him a mere hour to comply. Archbishop Galstanian declared his willingness to discuss the terms of resignation, highlighting the deep dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

This protest stems from the announcement on April 19th regarding the initiation of border delimitation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Many Armenians fear this agreement cedes Armenian territory to Azerbaijan. The Armenian police have urged for strict adherence to public order throughout the demonstrations. They emphasized their commitment to “ensuring public order and the safety of citizens” while calling for peaceful conduct from the rally participants.

This large-scale demonstration signifies a significant challenge for Prime Minister Pashinyan. With Archbishop Galstanian vowing to continue the protests, the coming days may see heightened tensions in Armenia.

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