Archbishop of Cyprus Addresses “Memories of Occupied Land” Event: Urges Unity and Resistance Against Pseudo-State Declaration

Archbishop of Cyprus Addresses “Memories of Occupied Land” Event: Urges Unity and Resistance Against Pseudo-State Declaration

OCP News Service – 20/11/2023

Nicosia – Cyprus:  In a powerful address delivered at the “Memories of Occupied Land” event organized by the Committees of Occupied Municipalities and Communities, Archbishop Georgiou of Cyprus expressed deep concern over critical developments in the region on 15 November 2023. The event, held to condemn the declaration of the pseudo-state, served as a platform for the Archbishop to reaffirm the Church’s timeless positions and call for unity in the face of ongoing challenges.

Amidst ongoing war conflicts in the region and Turkey’s persistent efforts toward the Turkification of Cyprus, Archbishop Georgiou underscored the need for resistance and hope. He acknowledged the existence of “reasonable” voices within the country advocating for extreme measures, including the abolition of the National Guard. However, the Archbishop asserted that the majority of the Cypriot people possess the will to fight, and what is crucial is inspiration and guidance.

Reflecting on the event, Archbishop Georgiou emphasized that the gathering was a significant step towards fostering resistance and hope. He took the opportunity to articulate the Church’s unwavering positions, aligning them with the sentiments of many in the community.

The Archbishop commemorated the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the pseudo-state in the northern part of Cyprus, a move that shattered the hopes of refugees for a swift resolution and the return to their homes. He lamented the stalling of inter-community talks and expressed concerns about the potential for new fait accompli if the current impasse continues.

Highlighting Turkey’s efforts to alter the demographics in the region, the Archbishop criticized the influx of Muslim illegal immigrants into the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. He called on the government to assess the risk and take measures to address the issue, emphasizing the importance of adhering to European principles and the rights enjoyed by the free world.

Archbishop Georgiou firmly asserted the Cypriot people’s entitlement to free movement, establishment, and property rights within their own country. He urged the international community to force Turkey to recognize these rights.

In closing, the Archbishop renewed the faith of the Cypriot people in the eventual strengthening of their rights, emphasizing the liberation of the currently occupied northern part of the island and the return of all refugees to their ancestral homes. He concluded with a call for universal mobilization, unity, and perseverance in the pursuit of justice, expressing hope for the day of vindication.

Source:, OCP News Service

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