Serbian Orthodox Church to Premiere Documentary on WWII Massacres

Serbian Orthodox Church to Premiere Documentary on WWII Massacres – OCP News Service – 10/02/2024

Belgrade-Serbia: With the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch of Serbia, the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church is organizing the premiere screening of the documentary film “Garavice: Forgotten Roots” on February 21st, 2024. The film explores the tragic history of one of the largest mass killing fields of Serbs during World War II, located in the Bihać region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Produced by Garavice, the documentary sheds light on the horrific events that unfolded at Garavice and other mass execution sites in the region, drawing upon over 3,000 historical documents and firsthand testimonies from 27 survivors. Fifteen of these survivors recount their experiences directly within the film.

The screening aims to preserve the memory of the Serbian victims of these massacres and educate the public about this often overlooked chapter of history. The event will be held at the MTS Hall, room 6, starting at 7 p.m.

The initiative also includes the publication of the historical novel “Korana ko rana,” which was originally banned in 1961. Written by Dragan Grgić, the novel provides a fictionalized account of the suffering endured by Serbs during the war. Its publication alongside the documentary serves to further amplify the voices of those affected and ensure their stories are not forgotten.

The Serbian Orthodox Church invites the public to attend the premiere of “Garavice: Forgotten Roots” and contribute to remembering this historical tragedy.


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