Pope Tawadros II Welcomes Ethiopian Ambassador, Discusses Shared History and Nile’s Significance

Pope Tawadros II Welcomes Ethiopian Ambassador, Discusses Shared History and Nile’s Significance

Gerges Mounir Hanna – OCP News Service – 05/07/2024

Cairo – Egypt: His Holiness Pope Tawadros II received Ambassador Hassan Ibrahim Musa, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Cairo, in the first visit of the Ethiopian Ambassador to His Holiness the Pope at the papal headquarters in Cairo on July 01.2024.

His Holiness spoke during the meeting in a brief summary about the history of the Coptic Church and the good relations that link the Coptic Church with the Ethiopian Church, given that they are two sister churches.

His Holiness the Pope also referred to the Egyptian civilization, noting the importance of the Nile River to all Egyptians, as they have lived together around it throughout their history, and from it the Egyptians derive their strong national unity. He added: “For the Egyptians, the river is the father and the land surrounding it is the mother that embraces us all, and on it we live together in peace, Muslims and Christians. He stressed that the Nile River has an important role in maintaining the good relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia.

He also explained that the Coptic Church, in addition to its spiritual role, has a social role with the aim of helping society inside and outside Egypt by establishing schools and hospitals, many of which are located in African countries, including Ethiopia.

For his part, the Ethiopian ambassador expressed his keenness to maintain the good relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia, noting his interest in Egyptian and Coptic history and that he always looks forward to visiting Egyptian museums and monasteries.

The meeting was attended by the monk Father Kyrollos Anba Bishoy, Director of the Office of His Holiness the Pope, Father Philip Hilal, one of our priests in Africa, and Mrs. Barbara Soliman, Director of the Papal Office for Projects and Relations.

Source: Coptic Orthodox Church

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