Latvian Orthodox Church Accepts Government’s Legislation on Autocephalous Status

OCP News Service – 10/09/2022

Riga-Latvia: Latvian Orthodox Church accepted the autocephalous status granted by the Latvian government for the church through an official press release on 9th September 2022.  The Latvian parliament on 8th September adopted an urgent amendment to the Latvian Orthodox Church Law, in which it recognized the complete independence of the Latvian Church from any power outside Latvia. 

In the official press release, the Holy Synod of the Latvian Church asked the clergy and laity to maintain a peaceful disposition of spirit, maintain the unity of the Church, and strictly observe the laws of the Latvian State.  Latvian Orthodox Church is an autonomous church under the Russian Orthodox Church. As per the statutes of the Russian Church, autocephaly can only be granted through the Local Council of the Church. 

OCP News Service

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