Coptic and Russian Orthodox Churches Strengthen Ties Through Monastic Delegation Visit

Coptic and Russian Orthodox Churches Strengthen Ties Through Monastic Delegation Visit

OCP News Service and DECR – 31/05/2024

Cairo – Egypt: A delegation of Russian Orthodox monastics led by Metropolitan Isidore of Smolensk and Dorogobuzh visited the Coptic Orthodox Church headquarters in Cairo on May 30,2024. The visit highlights growing ties between the two Churches.

Exchange and Strengthening of Relations

The visit comes within the framework of a monastic exchange program established by the churches’ Inter-Church Dialogue Committee. It aims to provide opportunities for mutual learning and strengthen relations between the monastic communities.

Key Figures and Discussions

The delegation was welcomed by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Church. Discussions centered on a range of topics, including:

  • Both Churches expressed their commitment to preserving Biblical teachings, family values, and working for peace.
  • The importance of monastic exchange programs in fostering learning and strengthening ties was emphasized.
  • Pope Tawadros II expressed hope for an end to the war, acknowledging its negative impact on Christian witness.

Monastery Visits and Cultural Immersion

The delegation also visited historical Christian sites in Cairo, including the Hanging Church and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Maadi. They will continue their visit with trips to monasteries in the Nitrian Desert and other locations.

Russian Ambassador and Public Engagement

The Russian Ambassador to Egypt, G.E. Borisenko, attended the meeting with Pope Tawadros II. Additionally, Natalia Dmitrievskaya, co-chair of the International Public Organization “Union of Orthodox Women,” is part of the delegation. Her visit aims to explore establishing a representative office of the organization in Egypt.

Overall Significance

The visit of the Russian Orthodox monastic delegation is a significant development in relations between the Coptic and Russian Orthodox Churches. The exchange programs and focus on shared values offer a promising path for continued strengthening of ties.


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