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Bishop Marko Enthroned as Bishop of Delchevo-Kamenitsa

OCP- September 19, 2023

OCP News Service – 19/09/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: Bishop Marko was enthroned as the Bishop of Delchevo-Kamenitsa at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed ... Read More

Metropolitan Jovan Enthroned as Metropolitan of Krushevo-Demir Hisar

OCP- September 3, 2023 OCP News Service – 03/09/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: Metropolitan Jovan was enthroned as the Metropolitan of Krushevo-Demir Hisar at the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in ... Read More

Primates of Local Orthodox Churches Shared Greeting on the Enthronement Anniversary of Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine

OCP- August 18, 2023

OCP News Service – 18/08/2023 Kyiv – Ukraine: Primates of Local Orthodox Churches shared greetings to His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine on ... Read More

Synod of Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric Completed Reunification

OCP- June 24, 2023

Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric HE. Metropolitan Jovan, HG. Bishop Joakim, HG. Bishop Marko, HG. David OCP News Service – 23/06/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: Holy ... Read More

Watch Now – Episode 02 of Pan- Orthodox Round Table – Featuring Dragan Radojcin

OCP- June 20, 2023 OCP News Service – 01/07/2023 Global: Watch episode 03 of Pan-Orthodox Round Table (PORT) featuring Dragan Radojcin of Serbia. This episode included topics from ... Read More

Final Decision on Reunited Macedonian Hierarchs to be Taken at the Next Synodal Session of MOC – OA

OCP- June 6, 2023

OCP News Service – 06/06/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: The final decisions and the jurisdiction allocation of Reunited Macedonian Hierarchs will be taken on the next synodal ... Read More

Macedonian Orthodox Church Celebrated First Anniversary of Autocephaly and Formal Full Unification

OCP- June 6, 2023

OCP News Service – 06/06/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: Macedonian Orthodox Church – the Ohrid Archdiocese celebrated its first anniversary of Autocephaly on June 05, 2023, at ... Read More

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije Received the Highest Order of Macedonian Orthodox Church

OCP- June 5, 2023

Pic: OCP News Service – 05/06/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: His Beatitude Stefan, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia awarded the highest award of the Macedonian Orthodox ... Read More

Serbian Patriarch to Lead Unification in Macedonian Orthodox Church on 05 June 2023

OCP- June 4, 2023

OCP News Service – 04/06/2023 Ohrid- Macedonia: Serbian Patriarch Porfirije will lead the formal unification of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and its anniversary of receiving ... Read More

Primates of Serbia and Macedonia Consecrated Macedonina Orthodox Church in Zagreb

OCP- May 23, 2023 OCP News Service – 22/05/2023 Zagreb-Croatia: Serbian Patriarch Porfirije and Macedonian Archbishop Stefan jointly consecrated Saint Zlata Meglenska Church in Zagreb on May 21, 2023. ... Read More