Alexandrian Primate’s Missionary Visit Strengthens Orthodox Presence in Burundi

Alexandrian Primate’s Missionary Visit Strengthens Orthodox Presence in Burundi

OCP News Service – 08/12/2023

Gitega- Burundi: The missionary visit of the Alexandrian Primate to the Republic of Burundi and the Holy Metropolis of Burundi and Rwanda marks a momentous occasion for the Orthodox community in the region.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Blessed Theotokos in Bujumbura echoed with joy and excitement as His Beatitude Theodoros was officially welcomed with a Doxology and reception. The event, attended by Eminences Metropolitans Innocent of Burundi and Rwanda, Daniel of Aksum, and Bishop Sylvester of Jinja and Eastern Uganda, celebrated the spiritual unity of the Orthodox faithful.

Following a warm reception by the clergy and believers, a procession led into the Cathedral, and after the official Doxology, Eminence Innocent expressed the collective joy for the visit, thanking all involved. Patriarch Theodoros, in response, conveyed gratitude to the President of Burundi and the Orthodox community, emphasizing the strength derived from the people.

The day continued with the Patriarch inaugurating the new Diocese’s administrative center and offices, acknowledging the Hellenic Community of Bujumbura’s significant contribution. His Beatitude also met with the Honorary Consul of Greece, Mr. Georgios Koukoulis, and members of the Hellenic Community.

Later, an evening reception hosted by the Egyptian Ambassador concluded the day’s events.

On Wednesday, November 29, Patriarch Theodoros traveled outside Bujumbura to the Gihanga Community, where he consecrated the Holy Church of Saints Athanasios the Great and John the Theologian. During the service, he announced plans for a school and clinic to meet the community’s educational and medical needs.

Expressing gratitude to Patriarch Daniel of Romania for supporting the Burundi mission, Patriarch Theodoros conducted media interviews, enlightening the public about the Orthodox Church’s presence and activities in Burundi. The day concluded with the Patriarch officiating the Great Vespers at the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

From November 30 to December 2, the Alexandrian Primate continued his missionary journey, visiting various locations, offering hope, and inaugurating projects that contribute to the growth of the Orthodox Church in Central Africa. Key events included a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and the ordination of a deacon at the Dormition Cathedral, discussions on the Orthodox University of Applied Technologies, and visits to the Holy Monastery of Agios Arsenios of Cappadocia and the Greek Alumni Association.

The missionary visit showcased the dynamic growth of the local Orthodox Church in Burundi, guided by Patriarch Theodoros’s commitment to fostering spiritual strength and community development.

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