Return of the sculpture “Sima Igumanov with orphans”

Return of the sculpture “Sima Igumanov with orphans”

Church of Serbia – 26/4/21

Patriarch Porfirije: Endowment is one of the greatest virtues of many sons of the Serbian Orthodox people. The Prizren Seminary is maintained with funds provided by the Sima Igumanov Endowment, and 300 pupils and students from Kosovo and Metohija have received scholarships.

– After the erection of the monument to Stefan Nemanja and Despot Stefan Lazarevic, Belgrade welcomed the return of the renewed sculpture “Sima Igumanov with orphans” to the Palace Igumanov. We return to our history, culture and tradition, as well as the memory of our endowments. It is no longer an incident or an attempt, but our policy. Returning the sculpture to where it belongs is proof that Belgrade values ​​its history and culture, the deputy mayor pointed out. Vesic reminded her that the endowments left their wealth to their state, nation and poor children, and that Sima Igumanov was in the lead.

Minister Selakovic added that it was a pleasure to attend the correction of the great historical injustice today. – For Sima Andrejevic, the entire spiritual vertical in the family was woven by creators and fighters for Serbian freedom, education and independence, Mr. Selakovic indicated and also pointed out that during the return of the Endowment to the possession of the Serbian Orthodox Church 30 years ago, initiatives began to renew the sculpture and return it to the roof of the Palace Igumanov. – Exactly on the 30th anniversary of the launch of the initiative, we managed to renew this important monument, which will represent the crown on Terazije in the time ahead, and which was missing for almost 70 years, pointed out Mr. Selakovic.

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije expressed great joy because the reconstructed monument is returning to the place where it was from the erection of the building in 1938. As he specified, the monument was damaged and removed by ideologically fervid people in the 1950s of the last century.

– Sima Igumanov is one of the great endowers of the Serbian people. A native of Prizren, he was a wealthy merchant, at the same time a profound Orthodox and an authentic Serb. He gave everything he gained during his life for the benefit of the people, Patriarch Porfirije pointed out and added that endowment is one of the greatest virtues of many sons of the Serbian Orthodox people.

– The endowment of Sima Igumanov was nationalized after the Second World War and in 1991 it was returned to the Serbian Orthodox Church. Since the lease, the Prizren Seminary has been held and 300 pupils and students from Kosovo and Metohija have received scholarships, Patriarch Porfirije emphasized.

The reconstruction of the sculpture was done by the academic sculptor Zoran Kuzmanovic, who pointed out that the work on its restoration lasted about three years. – The works were demanding because the sculpture had more than 30 parts that were torn or devastated, as well as about 35 to 40 percent of the missing parts of the original sculpture, Mr. Kuzmanovic emphasized.


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