‘Orthodoxy and Islam are the Spiritual Wings of Kazakhstan’ – Metropolitan Alexander

‘Orthodoxy and Islam are the Spiritual Wings of Kazakhstan’ – Metropolitan Alexander

Pic - https://mitropolia.kz/

Pic – https://mitropolia.kz/

OCP News Service – 20/10/21

Astana – Kazakhstan: In a message addressed to the nation on the occasion of the ‘Day of Spiritual Harmony’ of the People of the Republic of Kazakhstan (18th of October 2021), Metropolitan Alexander (the head of the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan) stated that “from ancient times to the present day, the two leading confessions of the Republic, Orthodoxy (Orthodox Christianity) and Islam (Hanafi madhhab school) are the spiritual wings of Kazakhstan. On the land of the Great Steppe, Muslims, Christians and followers of other traditional religions are working together to ensure that brotherly love and harmony always triumph in its vastness”.

He further stated that “this holiday is one of the expressions of the unity and cohesion of representatives of different nationalities and cultures inhabiting our country. Embodying the enduring ideals of good neighbourliness, mercy and mutual understanding, we strive to preserve and increase our great heritage which is ‘peace and harmony’. The sacred duty of representatives of all nationalities and religions living under the peaceful sky of Kazakhstan is to carefully preserve mutual understanding and good neighbourliness, to work to build a spiritually strong and a healthy society”.

OCP News Service

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