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Part- II of ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ Launched Worldwide 

admin- December 7, 2020

OCP-COS-MARP - 7/12/2020 Worldwide Purchase from Amazon Global HERE India Purchase from Amazon India HERE Global: The Second part of the highly acclaimed work 'Western ... Read More

Pope Francis and the Importance of Western Rite Orthodoxy

admin- October 30, 2020

George Alexander - Guest Contributor  (OCP-COS-MARP) - 30/10/2020 The opinion stated by Papa Francis on LGBT has become an interesting point of conversation in the public sphere amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He became the first Pope to endorse same-sex civil unions. However, Eastern ... Read More

The Quest for a Western Rite Orthodox Archbishopric-Patriarchate

admin- October 17, 2020

A Western Rite Orthodox Altar. Pic- Pinterest George Alexander - Guest Contributor - OCP-MARP A call to check the possibility for the creation of a ... Read More

Tenth Anniversary of the Rediscovery of the Dindigul St Gregorious Community by Dr Ajesh T Philip

admin- October 15, 2020

OCP-MARP – 14/10/2020 Malankara- India: The last quarter of 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the rediscovery of the St Gregorious Community in Dindigul, Tamil ... Read More

MARP Featured on Malankara Orthodox News Letter – October 2020

admin- October 14, 2020

OCP-MARP - 14/10/2020 Download Orthodox_ News Letter Vol 3 No 37 Global: Metropolitan Alvares Julius Western Rite Orthodox research Project has been featured in the ... Read More

Rare Document on Met. Alvares Julius Gifted to the MARP Research Board

admin- October 8, 2020

OCP-MARP - 8/10/2020 A rare document (booklet) on Metropolitan Alvares Julius titled 'What Though the Spicy Breezes' was gifted to the Research Board of the Metropolitan Alvares Julius Western Rite Orthodox Research Project (MARP). The ... Read More

Msgr. Willard G. Dionne Recommends ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’

admin- September 21, 2020

OCP -MARP - 21/9/2020 Canada: During the commemorative Mass held on 20th September 2020 (in the memory St  Alvares Julius), Msgr. Willard G. Dionne, the ... Read More

The Feast of Met. Alvares Julius Celebrated by the Christian Catholic Church

admin- September 21, 2020

OCP-MARP - 21/09/2020 Canada: The Christian Catholic Church commemorated the feast of St Julius Alvares (the late lamented Metropolitan-Archbishop of Ceylon, Goa, and India) during ... Read More

Mgr. Willard G. Dionne Consecrated as the Coadjutor Bishop of the Christian Catholic Church Canada

admin- September 17, 2020

OCP-COS-MARP - 17/09/2020 Canada: The Reverend Willard Dionne was consecrated as the Coadjutor Bishop of the Christian Catholic Church Canada on September 13, 2020, at 10:00 AM in ... Read More

“The British Orthodox Church (Metropolis of Glastonbury) is the Indigenous Orthodox Church of Britain – Abba Seraphim

admin- September 11, 2020

His Beatitude Abba Seraphim -  VIIth British Patriarch and Primate of the British Orthodox Church (Metropolis of Glastonbury). OCP-COS-MARP - 11/9/2020 An exclusive interview with ... Read More