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Part- II of ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ Launched Worldwide 

admin- December 7, 2020 1659

OCP-COS-MARP - 7/12/2020 Worldwide Purchase from Amazon Global HERE India Purchase from Amazon India HERE Global: The Second part of the highly acclaimed work 'Western ... Read More

Pope Francis and the Importance of Western Rite Orthodoxy

admin- October 30, 2020 184

George Alexander - Guest Contributor  (OCP-COS-MARP) - 30/10/2020 The opinion stated by Papa Francis on LGBT has become an interesting point of conversation in the public sphere amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He became the first Pope to endorse same-sex civil unions. However, Eastern ... Read More

The Quest for a Western Rite Orthodox Archbishopric-Patriarchate

admin- October 17, 2020 31896

A Western Rite Orthodox Altar. Pic- Pinterest George Alexander - Guest Contributor - OCP-MARP A call to check the possibility for the creation of a ... Read More

Tenth Anniversary of the Rediscovery of the Dindigul St Gregorious Community by Dr Ajesh T Philip

admin- October 15, 2020 26636

OCP-MARP – 14/10/2020 Malankara- India: The last quarter of 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the rediscovery of the St Gregorious Community in Dindigul, Tamil ... Read More

MARP Featured on Malankara Orthodox News Letter – October 2020

admin- October 14, 2020 135

OCP-MARP - 14/10/2020 Download Orthodox_ News Letter Vol 3 No 37 Global: Metropolitan Alvares Julius Western Rite Orthodox research Project has been featured in the ... Read More