MARP Featured on Malankara Orthodox News Letter – October 2020

OCP-MARP – 14/10/2020

Download Orthodox_ News Letter Vol 3 No 37

Global: Metropolitan Alvares Julius Western Rite Orthodox research Project has been featured in the official online newsletter of the Malankara Church (October 2020 issue, Vol.03, No: 37). The featured report is about a historical document on Met. Alvares Julius that was received by the MARP research board.

Rare Document on Met. Alvares Julius Gifted to the MARP Research Board

Published in 1954 by the Catholic Apostolic Church, the historical document consists of specific details on the Western Rite Orthodox Missionary work of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in the island of Ceylon. It also mentions about the consecration of Archbishop Rene Vilatte. The historical document was gifted by Abba Seraphim, Patriarch of the British Church.


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