Tenth Anniversary of the Rediscovery of the Dindigul St Gregorious Community by Dr Ajesh T Philip

OCP-MARP – 14/10/2020

Malankara- India: The last quarter of 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the rediscovery of the St Gregorious Community in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, by Dr Ajesh T Philip – Head and Chief Research Officer – MARP). The St Gregorious Community in common is an indigenous Roman Catholic community that traditionally venerates St Gregorious of Parumala, the first canonised Indian Saint.

Dr Ajesh rediscovered the community (on16th December 2010) while he was a research scholar at the Ghandhigram University in Dindigul. However, it took two years for him to publish insightful reports on OCP Media Network regarding the rediscovery (the first report was published on 24/10/2012 and the second report was published on 01/10/2012). The details of the rediscovery are also mentioned in the first part of the Western Rite book.

The specific details were properly communicated to Metropolitan Diascorous Yuhanon of Chennai. The rediscovery prompted Met. Diascorous to visit the Dindigul community with Dr Ajesh and it esulted in erecting a mission center in the area. Dr Ajesh fulfilled an integral role in connecting the local Dindigul community with the Malankara Church.

To view  the journey of MARP since 2009, in pictures please visit – http://ocpsociety.org/alvares/our-journey-in-pictures/

Dr Philip also rediscovered few other lost missions of Alvares Julius, the legendary Western Rite Orthodox missionary Prelate of the Malankara Church in the Dindigul region. The Metropolitan Alvares Julius Western Rite Orthodox Project (MARP) was launched in 2009 and the portal of the project was launched by Fr Dr K M George in 2013 in the presence of Dr Ajesh T Philip and other dignitaries. The project is under the care of the autonomous Center for Orthodox Studies (COS).

For more information, please visit – http://ocpsociety.org/alvares/


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