‘We all need a culture of accepting the other despite differences’ Bishop Raphael on the Martyrdom of Fr.Arsanios Wadeed

The Late Father Arsanios Wadeed. Pic - Gerges Mounir Hanna

The Late Father Arsanios Wadeed. Pic – Gerges Mounir Hanna

OCP News Service – Gerges Mounir Hanna

Cairo-Egypt: His Grace Raphael, the General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church, has issued a statement on the martyrdom of Father Arsanios Wadeed.

The martyrdom of Fr. Arsanios Wadeed, has brought back painful memories.
1- We thank the state security apparatus; because we really live in a safe and stable atmosphere that we have not felt for decades.
2- It is clear from this terrorist incident that the security solution is not sufficient.
3- Peoples culture must be changed, and we all join hands to achieve this paradigm shift.
4- We all need a culture of accepting the other despite differences.
5- There is no objection to a person holding on to his faith and defending it, but what prevents me from respecting another who is different from me, and why does this other not live with
full citizenship. Is killing people a chivalry, victory and nobility of morals?
6- Terrorism does not start from the stage of holding a weapon to kill the other, but rather it starts from contempt and demeaning the other and depriving him of some jobs or even membership
in a sports club on the basis of religious identity, which expresses an inferiority complex, and an abuse of power in distinguishing between people without justification.
7- Introducing the other in a real, undistorted and undistorted way, is the beginning of respect and acceptance of the other.
8- We Christians are not infidels, nor worshipers of the cross, nor polytheists , nor do we drink alcohol, and it is not our fault that the other are ignorant of us, distorts my image,
and avoids knowing me.
9- This is a joint responsibility between the mosque, the church, the school, the university, television and the media, otherwise, such unfortunate incidents will continue without end.
10- Many peoples have preceded us in this field and advanced us by tens years due to the abandonment of ignorance of fanaticism, terrorism and the culture of murder.
11- The peace, safety and progress of this country deserves that we all make efforts for a better future. The earth is for all of us.

OCP News Service

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