Areas of Operation

The OCP Pan-Orthodox Christian Society  –  Areas of Operation

The Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society is engaged with the following sectors since 2007.

Pan-Orthodox Unity and Networking

  • Pan-Orthodox Lobbying
  • Meetings and Visits
  • Campaigns
  • Global Networking and Collaborations – Orthodox Churches and Institutions.
  • Global Network of Delegates
  • Building Understanding between various Orthodox Churches
  • Promoting a united Orthodox voice
  • Pan-Orthodox consultation
  • Awards and Honours (OCP Foundation)
  • OCP Intelligence

Communications and Media Services

  • OCP Media Network
  • OCP News Service
  • Pan-Orthodox Journalism
  • Promotions
  • Inter-Orthodox Media Collaborations
  • Information Center and Resource Hub
  • Internet and Social Media Platforms

Research and Development

  • Center for Orthodox Studies
  • Oriental Orthodox Research Center
  • MARP Western Rite Orthodox Research Project
  • Orthodox Christian Educational Institution Project
  • Consultation and Training
  • Academic and Research collaborations
  • Field Investigation
  • Academic Collaborations (Individuals and Institutions)
  • Iconography and Art

Publication and Press

  • OCP Publications
  • OCP Press
  • Research Publications
  • Publishing Support
  • Secular Collaborations

Human Rights and Faith

  • Lobbying and Media
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Petitions and Appeals
  • Publications
  • Support for Persecuted Christians

Social Outreach and Mission Support

  • Charity and Social Welfare
  • Philanthropic Activities

Ecumenical Outreach

  • Exploring  areas of mutual collaborations
  • Research and Academic collaborations
  • Defending Orthodox rights in an ecumenical context

 Major Activities at a Glance

  • A registered organization exclusively committed to Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar unity with ecumenical respect.
  • Involved in propagating the need for inter-Orthodox unity (Pan-Orthodox unity) and for the need for building an exclusive Universal Orthodox Christian platform and for dialogues and exchanges between all Orthodox jurisdictions (Eastern, Oriental, and Independent Orthodox Churches etc).
  • Operating World’s largest Pan-Orthodox Christian  Portal (OCP Media Network) since 2007 and thereby building a Pan-Orthodox media culture.
  • Maintaining Pan-Orthodox networking and communications with several Orthodox Churches and institutions worldwide. Visiting and holding meetings, interviews, and discussions with various Orthodox Church delegations and promoting pan-orthodox unity.
  • Publishing books and articles providing equal importance to the Traditions, teachings, and practices of both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches in various national and international print and electronic media.
  • Published and manages the world’s largest list of Orthodox Christian educational institution through Project OCEI.
  • Manages the world’s largest Western Rite Orthodox project titled ‘Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP) to study the Western Rites of Eastern, Oriental and independent Orthodox Churches since 2009.
  • Played an integral role in revamping the Brahmavar Orthodox Community (a Western Rite Orthodox community).
  • Rediscovered several Western Rite Orthodox communities in the Indian Sub-continent through MARP.
  • Honouring leaders, achievers, and personalities through the OCP Foundation.
  • Undertaking various projects to propagate faith, doctrines, unity and academic resources on Orthodox Christianity.
  • Providing consultancy and training programs to Orthodox Churches, projects and pan-orthodox organizations.
  • Promoting and defending the rights of all Orthodox Churches, coordinating voice against Christian persecution, defending the freedom of worship and human rights.
  • Extending a helping hand to the poor and needy through charity services.