‘Thinking of Christ is not worldly nature, but a thought of humility and merciful love’ – Patriarch Daniel of Romania

Pic - https://basilica.ro/

Pic – https://basilica.ro/

OCP News Service – 11/4/22

Bucharest-Romania: On the 5th Sunday of Lent, (10/04/22), Patriarch Daniel in his sermon stated that that “the Savior Jesus Christ overturns the logic of oppressive selfish power and brings the logic of humble ministry, beneficent or helpful; not selfish dominion should be the rule for the disciples, but humble service“.

He further stated that “Thinking of the Savior Christ is not of a political, worldly nature, but of a thought of humility and merciful love, not of possessive love over others. The honor of standing on the right and left of the Savior Jesus Christ is not given to ambitious and proud people, but God Himself will determine who will be given this honor and who will be considered worthy. by Him, not to those who consider themselves justified. In other words, this is not a right to sit on the right and left of Christ the Savior, but it is a gift that God decides. These words of the Savior were a teaching for all the disciples, not just for the two”.

OCP News Service

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