The Latvian Orthodox Church Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral in Riga. Pic- Wiki

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral in Riga. Pic- Wiki

OCP News Service – 23/5/22

Riga-Latvia: The Latvian autonomous Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate welcome refugees from Ukraine. Metropolitan-Primate Alexander of the Latvian Church stated that “it is with deep regret that we received the news of aggression and war in Ukraine. During the years of the Second World War and during the years of occupation, the inhabitants of Latvia had a chance to experience much of what has fallen to your lot today. I had to hurry to leave their homes, sometimes not even being able to take the most necessary things. Our families were also separated by a terrible misfortune – the war. We deeply understand your grief, wish to alleviate your suffering and share your grief. The Orthodox of Latvia offer you spiritual support, a friendly welcome and their sincere love”.

Contact Information for Refugees

Riga Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
Riga city, Brīvības bulvāris 23,
Priest Pavel Pelevin, tel. +371 27083595

•Riga Holy Trinity-Sergius Convent
Riga city, Krišjāņa Barona iela 126,
tel. +371 67294508

•Church of the Holy Trinity
city ​​of Riga, Meža iela 2,
Priest Alexander Ponomarenko, tel. +371 29215379

•Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Riga city, Gogoļa iela 9,
Deacon Alexander Stepanenko, tel. +371 29684879

•Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
city ​​of Riga, Brīvības iela 56,
Archpriest Pavel Kushnarev, tel. +371 20217992

•Church of the Archangel Michael
Riga city, Maskavas iela 170,
Archpriest Igor Ozerov, tel. +371 29142940

•Church of All Saints
city ​​of Riga, Katoļu iela 10A,
hegumen Macarius ( Kirillov), tel. +371 29606447

•Jelgava Cathedral of Saints Simeon and Anna
city ​​of Jelgava, Raina iela 5,
Archpriest Alexander Razdaibeda, tel. +371 22156241

•Jekabpils Monastery of the Holy Spirit
city ​​of Jekabpils, Brīvības iela 202,
hegumen Macarius ( Kirillov), tel. +371 29606447

•St. Nicholas Church
city ​​of Ventspils, Plosta iela 10,
Archpriest Vadim Demchenko, tel. +371 29528263

•Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
Liepaja city, Uliha iela 61,
Archpriest Igor Trofimov, tel. +371 29489979

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