Teofana Basarab Canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Church

Pic - https://basilica.ro/

Pic – https://basilica.ro/

OCP News Service – 22/5/22

Bucharest-Romania: Teofana Basarab, the first nun in history known to be of Romanian origin and the daughter of Prince Basarab I of Wallachia is declared a saint of the Romanian Orthodox Church by Patriarch Daniel on 21/5/22. The day of the honour of this saint will be on the 28th of October.

The canonization of the Pious Theophanes was decided in February by the Holy Synod. The day of honor will be October 28, when it is celebrated by the Romanians from the Bulgarian and Serbian Timoc.

Apart from the Romanian Orthodox faithful and Prelates, the ceremony was attended by various bishops from Bulgaria.

OCP News Service

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