Moldovan President Thanks Romanian Orthodox NGO for Supporting Ukranian Refugees

Pic - Wiki

Pic – Wiki

OCP News Service – 29/5/22

Chișinău- Moldova: President Maia Sandu of Moldova has issued a letter of gratitude to the Diaconia Social Mission a social philanthropic NGO of the Metropolis of Bessarabia of the Romanian Orthodox Church for extending support to refugees from Ukraine, reports Bascilia News Agency.

“You, through magnanimity, care and openness, have offered refugees a welcoming and warm rest stop in Moldova, a safe shelter in our country. The exemplary mobilization and the organizational capacity you showed during this period, together with other fellow citizens of ours, give me hope. I strongly believe that together we can change our country for the better, we can build a free, peaceful and prosperous society here, a welcoming and warm place, a corner of heaven, where one may want to live and build their future. We are a small country, but with a big heart” commented the President in her letter.

OCP News Service

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