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Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch Visits Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Hama

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- October 20, 2021

Pic - https://syriacpatriarchate.org/ OCP News Service m- 20/10/21 Hamma-Damascus-Syria: Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II of Antioch and the primate of the Syriac Orthodox Church and ... Read More

‘It does not matter the number of good deeds, but the humble love with which they were performed’ Patriarch Daniel of Romania

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- October 4, 2021

Pic - Basilica.ro OCP News Service - 4/10/21 Bucharest-Romania: 'It does not matter the number of good deeds, but the humble love with which they ... Read More

Russian Archpriest Hails ‘Unity of Power and People’ As Reasons for Azerbaijan’s Victory in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 30, 2021

Archpriest Konstantin Pominov. Pic - YouTube OCP News Service - 30/9/21 Baku-Azerbaijan: Archpriest Konstantin Pominov, the spokesperson of the Russian Orthodox Church in Baku stated ... Read More

Enthronement of Bishop Metodije of Budimlje-Niksic Held

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 28, 2021

Pic - http://www.spc.rs/ OCP News Service - 28/9/21 Belgrade-Serbia: Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia presided over the consecration and enthronement of Bishop Metodije of Budimlje-Niksic at ... Read More

St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral Nominated For the State and National Registers of Historic Places

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 15, 2021

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral. Pic - Wiki OCP News Service - 15/9/21 New York- USA: The St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese ... Read More

Moldovan Church and AGIRoMd Partner to Launch National Educational Project “Spiritual Readings”

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 9, 2021

Pic - https://mitropolia.md/ OCP News Service - 9/9/21 Moldova: The National Educational Project "Spiritual Readings" was recently launched by the Metropolitan Church of Moldova in ... Read More

Metropolitan John of Varna Bless New Ophthalmological Center

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 8, 2021

Pic - bg-patriarshia.bg OCP News Service - 8/9/21 Varna-Bulgaria: A new Ophthalmological Center was blessed by Metropolitan John of Varna on the 5th of September ... Read More

‘The West Seeks to Destroy Serbian Orthodox Church’ President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 8, 2021

Patriarch Porfirije with President Aleksandar Vucic. Pic -http://spc.rs/ OCP News Service - 8/9/21 Belgrade- Serbia: 'The West seeks to destroy Serbian Orthodox Church just as ... Read More

Catholicos Aram to Deliver Keynote Address at the G20 Interfaith Forum 2021

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- August 12, 2021

Catholicos Aram I. Pic - Wiki OCP News Service - 12/8/21 Beirut-Lebanon: Catholicos Aram I of the Greater House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic ... Read More

OCP Foundation Install ‘Orders’ of Metropolitan Alvares Julius & Western Rite Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- September 24, 2018

OCP Foundation – OCP News Service – 24/9/18 OCP Foundation Portal On the occasion of the 95th memorial feast of great Metropolitan Alvares Julius, the ... Read More

OCP to Publish Book on Archbishop Rene Villate, Metropolitan Alvares Julius & Independent Catholic Movement

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- May 30, 2018

OCP News Service – OCP Publications- 30/5/18 Global- OCP Publications of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE will publish a research work on Independent Catholic Movements in the ... Read More

OCP Secretary George Alexander Received by Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- April 20, 2018

OCP News Service - 20/4/18 OCP Secretary Visits Information Services Department of the Serbian Patriarchate Belgrade- His Holiness Irinej – (Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of ... Read More

OCP Secretary Visits Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- April 20, 2018

OCP News Service – 20/4/18 Belgrade- George Alexander, Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) visited the Orthodox Theological Faculty at the Belgrade University ... Read More

Triennial Anniversary of the historic Meeting of the OCP Delegation with Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- February 4, 2018

Fr. Prakash Kuriakose (Delegate of Malankara) - OCP News Service - 4/2/18 Kerala-India: February 7th, 2018, marks the 3rd anniversary of the historic meeting between Orthodoxy ... Read More

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society – Activity Report 2017

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- January 5, 2018

OCP Secretariat -  OCP News Service -5/1/18 Dear Beloved Readers & Well-wishers Christmas-Nativity & New Year Wishes We are happy to present the activity report of ... Read More

Pan-Oriental Orthodox Fellowship of St. Jacob Baradaeus and the Return to Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- February 1, 2017

St. Jacob Baradaeus Pan-Oriental Orthodox Fellowship - OCP News Service - 1/2/2017 Visit - http://returntoorthodoxy.com/ FB PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/returntoorthodoxy It is the unfortunate truth that in the ... Read More

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE – Activity Report 2016

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- December 22, 2016

OCP Activities 2016 Veneration of the OCP Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala in Camerron Dear Beloved Readers & Well-wishers Christmas-Nativity & New Year Wishes  ... Read More

OCP Treasurer Abraham Koshy Meets Bishop Youssef of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- August 24, 2016

OCP News Service-24/8/16 Kerala- India: Abraham P Koshy – Treasurer & Director of Finance of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society (Pan-Orthodox Christian Movement) met with ... Read More

OCP Treasurer Meets Archbishop Makarios of Qatar (Jerusalem Patriarchate)

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- August 8, 2016

OCP News Service- 8/8/16 Also Read Archbishop Makarios of Qatar (Jerusalem Patriarchate) Visits Catholicate Palace & the Ancient Church of Niranam Kerala- India: Abraham P ... Read More

OCP Icon of St. Gregorious of Parumala Displayed at SYGG16 Leadership Program in Netherlands

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- July 28, 2016

OCP News Sevice- 28/7/16 Julie Jones (Delegate -Representing Coptic Orthodox Church of United Kingdom to OCP) Netherlands: The OCP Icon of St Gregorios of Parumala ... Read More

Metropolitan Mar Yulios Meets OCP Delegate Seraphima in Dallas: Helps Boost Ties

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE- June 1, 2016

Liju Cherian -OCP News Service- June 2016 DALLAS, Texas: Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan His Grace Pulikkottil Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios met with Ms. Seraphima Iliay Ioanna ... Read More