The ‘Head’ of Eritrean Orthodox Church Writes to Pope Tawadros II, Urge for Meaningful Ties Between Churches

Pic - Gerges Mounir Hanna

Pic – Gerges Mounir Hanna

Gerges Mounir Hanna – OCP News Service 19/4/22

Cairo-Egypt: The Head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, ‘Patriarch’ Abune Kerlos (Cyril) has sent an official letter to Pope Tawadros II regarding the relationship between Eritrean and Coptic Orthodox Churches. In the letter, Abune Kerlos expressed his desire to develop relations with the Coptic Church in all areas including spiritual, pastoral and monastic domains.

The Case of Abune Antonios and the ‘Prolonged Silence’ of Oriental Orthodox Churches

The letter was delivered to Pope Tawadros II through an official delegate (Eritrean Nun) who is on a visit to Saint Demiana in Al-Barari monastery in Egypt. She along with the inmates of the monastery visited Pope TawadrosII and handed over to him the letter from the Primate of the Eritrean Church.

Abune Kerlos (Cyril) was consecrated as the 5th Patriarch of the Eritrean Church. However, he is not yet officially recognised by the rest of the Oriental Orthodox communion. The last recognised Patriarch Abune Antonios (3rd legitimate Primate of the Eritrean Church) passed away at the age of 92 in February 2022 after 15 long years of house arrest and detention under the Eritrean regime.

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