“Bridge of Unity over the Abyss of Disintegration”, A Book on Russian-Serb Interchurch Relations Published

“Bridge of Unity over the Abyss of Disintegration”

OCP News Service 06/07/2022

Moscow: The Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage in cooperation with the Poznanie Publishing House has published the book named “Bridge of Unity over the Abyss of Disintegration”. This book is dedicated to Russian-Serbian inter-church relations during the collapse of Yugoslavia. This book was published in the series “For the Unity of the Church”. The author of the monograph is Andrey Yuryevich Khoshev, an employee of the Department of External Church Relations.

According to the website of the Poznanie publishing house, the book is recommended for students of church educational institutions, historians and religious scholars, as well as readers interested in the history of the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Churches in the 20th century.

OCP News Service

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