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‘2012 Declaration’: A History of Seized Armenian Properties in Istanbul

OCP- December 9, 2012

Raffi Bedrosyan 9/12/2012 After two years of painfully detailed research through thousands of documents, the Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul has produced a monumental work ... Read More

Turkey: Hidden Truths or True Lies

OCP- November 28, 2012

Raffi Bedrosyan - 26/11/2012 ISTANBUL — In 1915, an entire people was physically wiped out in a couple of years from its homeland of several ... Read More

Bedrosyan: A Series of Firsts in Armenian-Turkish Relations

OCP- November 7, 2011

By: Raffi Bedrosyan 7/11/2011 During the third week of October several firsts were accomplished in Turkey, with respect to the future of Turkish-Armenian relations, the ... Read More

Evolving Armenian Realities and the Surp Giragos Dikranagerd Church

OCP- July 3, 2011

By: Raffi Bedrosyan 1/7/2011 I would like to share my thoughts about Armenian realities—evolving ones, forgotten ones, and new ones. Until 20 years ago, the ... Read More