Pursuing a Decolonial Academic Career Path in Times of Crisis – Interview with Dr Romina Istratii

The RE: Project – 1//7/2020 – Interview with Dr Romina Istratii (Associate Research Editor @COS)

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We are proud to release our interview with Dr Romina Istratii, pursuing a Decolonial Academic Career Path in Times of Crises.

Dr Romina Istratii is the co-founder of the open-access #publishing platform Decolonial Subversions, and currently a Research Associate at SOAS Development Studies Department and the Centre of World Christianity, SOAS University of London.

As a critical international development thinker and practitioner with experience in #decolonial methodologies for issues with gender dimensions in sub-Saharan Africa, her research works to expose and subvert western European epistemic dominance in African development theory and practice, improve representations of non-western worldviews & religious traditions. She is committed to promoting language learning in research and publishing as a means to the decolonisation of knowledge production and  InterDev.

Click here  listen to the Interview 

Dr Romina Istratii is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, teaching currently on Religions and Development. Her research lies at the intersection of gender, religious and development and applies a decolonial perspective to gender and development practice informed by a decade’s experience in community-based research in sub-Saharan Africa. She has previously written on the ethics of international development, western gender metaphysics and religious knowledge systems, and the discourse of fundamentalism in gender studies. Dr Istratii’s most recent research project was a decolonial ethnographic study of conjugal abuse in the Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahәdo community of Aksum, which has evolved into the on-going HFGF-funded project “Religion, conscience and abusive behaviour: Understanding the role of faith and spirituality in the deterrence of intimate partner violence in rural Ethiopia.” Dr Istratii is co-founder of the open-access publishing platform Decolonial Subversions.


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