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‘Evangelical Missions of the Malankara Orthodox Church: A Reaction Against the Caste-based Social Structure’ – Talk by Fr Dr Jossi Jacob

admin- January 30, 2022

OCP-COS - 30/01/2022 London-UK: Listen to an online talk by Fr Dr Jossi Jacob (the Chief of Center for Orthodox Studies) on 'Evangelical Missions of ... Read More

How to Understand God’s Love With An Onion

admin- July 6, 2021

By Dcn. Clement (Logan Polk), M.A. – Chief Overseer of the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS) – 06/07/21, St. Mary & St. Raphael E.O.T.C., Memphis, TN In ... Read More

Part II – Rediscovering Eusebius of Caesarea’s Sainthood : His Feast Days, Icons, and Orthodoxy

admin- May 31, 2021

Fig 1: A massive collage created by me out of every icon of St. Eusebius I have found thus far, 17 in all. It may ... Read More

Rediscovering Eusebius of Caesarea’s Sainthood, and Why It Matters

admin- April 29, 2021

Fig. 1 Abba Garima III Saint (Eusebius) in a laurel frame (AG II, fol. 259v) By Dcn. Clement (Logan Polk), M.A. - Chief Overseer of the ... Read More

‘The Doctrine of Christ and Human Salvation’ by Fr. Dr Jossi Jacob

admin- April 19, 2021

Fr Dr Jossi Jacob. Pic - YouTube Fr Dr Jossi Jacob – Chief of  COS – 19/04/21 Who is Christ? What is His mission? These ... Read More

Special Issue of Decolonial Subversion on Orthodox Christian Missions and Development

admin- January 1, 2021

Decolonialsubversions  - COS - 1/1/2021 A special issue on "Development Meets Theology: Contextualising Non-Western Christian Missions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East" by Dr ... Read More

Presentation on ‘The Complex Role of Religion in the Experience of Conjugal Abuse in Northern Ethiopia’

admin- October 29, 2020

Centre for Orthodox Studies - 29/10/2020 Download the entire Presentation in PDF A  presentation titled 'Moving Beyond Assumptions: The Complex Role of Religion in the ... Read More

Historical and Theological Evolution of Russian Christianity From the Ninth to Twentieth Centuries

admin- October 2, 2020

 Fr Dr Jossi Jacob Fr Dr Jossi Jacob - Chief of  COS - 02/10/2020 Download PDF Version Here The theological understanding of the Russian Orthodox ... Read More

‘The Influence of Syriac Tradition on Ethiopian Orthodox Monasticism’ by Fr. Dr Jossi Jacob

admin- September 6, 2020

Fr. Dr Jossi Jacob Fr. Dr Jossi Jacob – Chief of COS and Principal – STOTS, Nagpur - 6/9/2020 As an African indigenous form of ... Read More


admin- August 31, 2020

Jeevan Philip (Chief Research Consultant @COS) - 31/08/2020 People frequently connect Maaliankara with Malankara. I haven’t got any convincing evidence to show the name is ... Read More

The Resurgence of the Romanian Orthodox Church – Personal Reflections

admin- August 23, 2020

George Alexander - Published by the Centre for Orthodox Studies (COS) - 23/08/2020 Romania is one of the most attractive countries located eastern part of ... Read More

Gender and Orthodoxy (Series)

admin- August 22, 2020

Dr. Romina Istratii - (Associate Research Editor - COS) - 22/8/2020 A decolonial critique of western feminist hermeneutics in theology/religious studies in relation to Orthodox ... Read More

Pursuing a Decolonial Academic Career Path in Times of Crisis – Interview with Dr Romina Istratii

admin- July 1, 2020

The RE: Project - 1//7/2020 - Interview with Dr Romina Istratii (Associate Research Editor @COS) Click here  listen to the Interview  We are proud to ... Read More

Monasticism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church : A Brief Introduction by Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob

admin- June 27, 2020

Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob. Pic - Gregorian TV Fr. Dr. Jossi Jacob - Chief of COS and Principal - STOTS, Nagpur - 27/06/2020 The Ethiopian ... Read More

Restricting Religious Practice in the Era of COVID-19: The Case of the Ethiopian Orthodox Täwahәdo Community

admin- May 6, 2020

Oodegr -   Elias Gebreselassie and Dr. Romina Istratii  (Associate Research Editor @COS -  6/5/2020 This essay follows the publication of an article that Dr. Istratii ... Read More