The 16th-century Armenian Orthodox Church of St. Giragos Reopens in Diyarbakir (Turkey)

Pic - The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey

Pic – The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey

OCP News Service – 9/5/22

Diyarbakir – Turkey: Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan, the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople, led the first Liturgy at the reopening ceremony of the Church of St. Giragos (St. Cyriacus) in Diyarbakır, Turkey on 7/5/2022. The Church was heavily damaged in 2015. It was sized by the Turkish government in 2016 under the under Article 27 of the Expropriation Law. However, the  situation improved and the Church was restored in due course of time.

On the occasion, Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan commented that the reopening of the Church has given a new lifeline to the Christians in the region. This Church has several unique architectural features including seven altars making it one of the most important Christian Churches in the Middle East.

OCP News Service

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