‘Saint Sava is the most beautiful child in our nation’ – Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia

Pi c- http://www.spc.rs/

Pi c- http://www.spc.rs/

OCP News Service – 11/2/22

Belgrade- Serbia: “Saint Sava is the most beautiful child in our nation and someone to whom we pray and want to look up to. You will always come here and come to your house. This is your house; this temple was built because of you” stated Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia to the children gathered at the Saint Sava Memorial Cathedral Church on the 5th of February 2022.

During the occasion, the primate of the Serbian Church distributed over five thousand gifts students of the Belgrade’s elementary school. The event was hosted by the Committee for Religious Education of the Archbishopric of Belgrade-Karlovci and the Faith Charity Stewardship.

OCP News Service

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