Over 360 Million Christians Suffer Persecution Worldwide

Pic - Pixabay

Pic – Pixabay

OCP News Service – 27/01/2022

USA-Global: According to the latest watchlist by Open Doors, more than 360 million Christians suffer different forms of persecution worldwide. Out of the list, 312 million Christians experience extreme levels of persecution.

Afghanistan tops the list followed by North Korea, Somalia, Libya and others. India ranks 7th on the list. Islamic extremism is expanding at an alarming rate according to the report. Christians in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to experience most violence. Some countries have used covid restrictions to silence Churches. In Myanmar and Qatar house Churches shave remained closed despite the removal of Covid restrictions. Iraq has shown improvement especially after the visit of the Pope and as a result of the Islamic State. The government is encouraging Christians to return to Iraq.

OCP News Service

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