OCP Delegates Took Part in OSI World Seminar


OCP News Service – 8/12/2021

OCP Delegates Took Part in OSI World Conference on ‘Deconstruction and Construction of Societies 2021

Global – OCP News Service Global: The delegates of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Christian Society) took part in the OSI Global Virtual Seminar. The seminar was organised by Occidental Studies Institute (OSI) with whom OCP signed an MOU. This year’s seminar is being convened on the topic ”Deconstruction and Construction of Societies 2021: Towards a New Social Order?”. The Seminar is coordinated by Regents University London along with various OSI partners.

Donn George Varghese (International Affairs) and Abel Mathew Alex (Public Relations) took part in the first panel of the seminar that discussed “Does Religion Modify A Culture”. The panel included speakers from different faiths, religions and academic disciplines. On behalf of the OCP Pan-Orthodox Community, Donn George Varghese spoke on various instances of Oriental Christianity by citing a number of examples. The OSI 2021 seminar is organized from the 8th to the 10th of December, where the discussions are held by six different panels on a wide range of topics.

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