Bishop of Alexandrian Greek Patriarchate Sues Russian Orthodox African Priests

Pic - pixabay

Pic – pixabay

Wanjala Immanuel (Delegate of Uganda and All East Africa) – 12/4/22

Kampala-Uganda: The Greek Orthodox Church Bishop Marcos Theodosi of Kisumu diocese has sued nine Russian Orthodox African priests at the Kakamega High court on 4/4/2022. These priests are accused of illegally using Greek Orthodox Church buildings and stealing Greek Orthodox faithful and moving them into the Russian Orthodox jurisdiction.

The Russian Orthodox Church Expands in Africa

The Greek bishop wants to restrain all Russian orthodox African priests from serving in churches they built with their faithful. The Russian orthodox African priests and their faithful on the other hand responded that they are not more part of the Greek Church as they have members of the already registered African Orthodox Church.

On December 29/12/2021, the holy synod of the Russian Orthodox Church at its session made a decision to form the patriarchate Exarchate of Africa. Metropolitan Leonid (Gorbechev) was appointed as the Patriarchal Exarch. The synod has approved the formation of two dioceses namely the South African Diocese, which has 24 countries under its jurisdiction and the North African Diocese which has 31 countries.

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