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 St Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Mission in Pakistan is headed by Indian born Russian Orthodox celibate priest Fr Adrian Augustus who is an Australian Citizen. The mission was founed in February 2012 after Fr Adrian was contacted and invited to Pakistan.

The Pakistani intelligence authorities attempted to foil his introduction to Orthodoxy buy placing him in hotel arrest but freed him later as he is an Australian citizen. Under very tiring circumstances and dangerous threats, ROCOR established the mission and after his initial sermon on Orthodoxy in the city of Sargodha, 174 people were baptised and chrismated.

Fr Adrian and his St Michael the Archangel Mission, is tirelessly working all over Pakistan and he spent all his personal savings in Pakisatn. Has established various parishes under the umbrella of St Michael which namely are, St Sergious Orthodox Church, Sargodha, St Anthony Orthodox Church, Hyderabad, St John Chrysostom Orthodox Church in Islamabad.

The mission now has three priests who report to Fr Adrian as he facilitated and organised their ordinations to the Priesthood. Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the ROCOR ordained clergy for Pakistan in January 2013 in Sri Lanka, as Pakistani citizens were unable to travel to Australia due to extreme shortage of funds and visa issue.

Fr Adrian believes in passive evangelisation and example. He is working for the upliftment of poor Pakistanis especially Pakistani children, especially those who are involved in human trafficking. He hopes to rescue them, house them, teach them a trade and help them become responsible citizens of Pakistan

The situation of Christians in Pakistan is one that is under constant threat due to discriminatory laws and the mission is involved in passive evangelization. The target is to build a school, which will include an orphanage and a chapel in Hyderabad and Sargodha, to pay salaries of the priests and help unfortunate Christians and also Muslims who live well below the poverty line in Pakistan.  Through acts of Christian love and charity, we hope to house, educate and nurture the unfortunate children in Pakistan, especially those who are victims of war such as Afghan and Pashtun children.


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