Awards and Honours


The Order of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE








This order is awarded to Primates of Autocephalous and Autonomous Orthodox Churches or

leaders of Orthodox Christian organizations on the occasion of holding official visits.


OCP Icon of Christ the Pantocrator









Written by Anca Sirbu (OCP Delegate of Bucharest & All Romani) this is a very special icon of

Christ the Pantocrator. The icon is presented to individuals, Churches, and institutions as a token

of love and respect from the OCP Society.


The Defender of Orthodoxy Award






This is an exceptional award given to individuals, Churches organization for their outstanding

contributions to Orthodox Christian unity, particularly for the promotion of pan-orthodox

conciliar unity through dialogue, social action, and publications. This award is aimed at

honoring personalities, churches, and organizations working in the field of Eastern and Oriental

Orthodox dialogue for unity and Orthodox unity in general.


The Order of Three Saints

(Holy Theotokos, St. Ephrem the Syrian and St. Mark of Ephesus-the Patron Saints of OCP Society)







This order is awarded to Prelates, personalities, laypersons as well as to Churches and

organizations during the occasion of holding official visits.


The OCP-Pan Orthodox Icon of St. Gregorios of Parumala









This icon is a symbol of Pan-Orthodox Unity and is presented to prelates and

laypersons as a token of love and respect from the OCP Society.


The OCP Orthodox Unity Icon of St. Peter the Apostole and St. Thomas the Apostole 









This icon depicts the equality among the holy Apostles of Jesus Christ.


The OCP Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity Award









This honor is presented to churches, primates, and organizations for their contributions

in initiating Pan-Orthodox unity projects and programs. 


 The Order of Metropolitan Alvares Julius









This special order is gifted to individuals, researchers, academicians, communities, and institutions

for their outstanding contributions in the field of Western Rite Orthodoxy.


The Order of Western Rite Orthodoxy  









This is awarded to individuals, churches, and organizations for the support and contributions

in the field of Western Rite Orthodoxy.


                                                              Other Honours

OCP Foundation has honored eminent personalities with Orthodox icons of St.Thomas,

Holy Theotokos, and boxer rebellion Orthodox Martyrs of China.