Publication of “Synaxarium: Life of the Saints of the Orthodox Church”, Volume II, November-December

January 2016

The latest edition of “Synaxarium: Life of the Saints of the Orthodox Church”, Volume II, November & December of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania is recently on sale at different points of sale at the churches all over the country. It is a voluminous and highly qualitative edition, with 800 pages, printed in the printing house “Resurrection” of “Nazareth” Workshop Complex. It was translated by Father Anastas Bendo and Eleni Pani and prepared for publication by Donika Shuraja. Also the consecutive volumes are in the process of translation and editing.

In the preface to Volume I, Archbishop Anastasios, with the blessing and care of whom this publication came out, states among others that: “There are several life recitals mainly about the martyrdom of various saints, which are preserved like treasures in these books called Synaxariums. In many cases, because of the spiritual benefits, the accounts are told freely, with small additions of other elements. Out of the various circulating collections, we chose for publication and translation in Albanian the Synaxarium compiled by the Gracious Monastery of Simonopetra on Mount Athos, because it was based on the best resources and processed with a serious and critical eye.

The ultimate work will be completed with the publication of the other volumes, which will be about the lives of saints celebrated in the respective months.



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