Commemoration day of Bishop St. Genarius, Soldier St. Merkerius

Today (30th November 2009) the Armenian Apostolic church is celebrating the commemoration day of Bishop St. Genarius and Soldier St. Merkerius.

The name “Genarius” is the equivalent of the Latin name “Januarius” and the Italian name “Chenaro”. It is supposed that St. Genarios was born in the beginning of the third century. His parents were rich and well-known persons. He has been the Bishop of the city Benevent of Italy. Genarius was imprisoned during the period of reign of the emperor Dioclethianus and was martyred in 305. The saint’s blood is up to date kept in a special small bottle in the Church of Naples.

St. Merkerius was one of the brave soldiers of the Roman Army. Like his father he believed in true God. Once king Dekos called him and ordered to offer sacrifice in the temple on the occasion of the victory but Merkerius refused to obey the king’s order. The soldiers put his hands into chains and burnt him on the fire. However, the next day they found out that Merkerius was alive and healed and he told that God had saved him. The king ordered to burn his body by means of heated skewers and beheaded him. The saint was martyred in 250 AD.


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