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MARP Receives Blessing from the IVth Bishop Ordinary of the Christian Catholic Church – Canada

Ben Kunjacko- OCP-MARP – 15/03/19

Metropolitan Alvares Research Project (MARP) has received an official letter of blessings from Most Reverend Serge A. Thériault – IVth Bishop Ordinary of the Christian Catholic Church Canada (CCCC), the continuing Church movement of Archbishop (Msgr) Rene Vilatte Mar Timotheus I of North America.

The letter of blessing is addressed to Dr. Ajesh T. Philip (Head and Chief Research Officer – MARP). Dr. Ajesh is also the Chief Overseer of the Center for Orthodox Studies (COS).

This year marks the tenth anniversary (2009-2019) of the installation of the Metropolitan Alvares Julus Research Project (OCP-COS-MARP).

The Christian Catholic Church (CCC), also called Christian Catholic Rite of Community Churches (CCRCC) is a religious body in the Community Church tradition with ministries in Canada and the United States. It is affiliated with the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC) based in Frankfort, Illinois, near Chicago. Bishop Thériault was elected 4th Bishop Ordinary of CCRCC on November 14, 1981. He succeeded the Rt Rev. O’Neill Côté (1939-1986) and was consecrated by him on July 12, 1982.

The Christian Catholic Church is in collaboration with the Center for Orthodox Studies and Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project since 2017.