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MARP Western Rite Book Presented to Fr. Stephen Igmnov of the Russian Orthodox Church -Moscow Patriarchate 

Fr. Stephen (L) Receiving the Copy of the Western Rite Book From Fr. Vaidhyan (R).
Fr. Stephen (R) Receiving the Copy of the Western Rite Book From Fr. Vaidhyan (L).

Ben Kunjacko – OCP-MARP – 21/12/18 

Kerala/India: A copy of the book ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Orthodox Churches‘ was presented by Fr. Koshy Vaidhyan (OCP-COS-MARP Research Associate) to Hieromonk Stephan Igmnov (Secretary to the Desk of Oriental Orthodox Churches of the External Chruch Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate) on 20/12/18.

Fr. Stephen expressed his gratitude to the Research Board of OCP-COS-MARP. Fr. Stephen was on an official tour to the Malankara Church. He was the chief speaker and guest of honor at the Indo-Russian Seminar hosted by the Sopana Orthodox Academy of the Malankara Church.


The Family of Mar Alvares Julius Honoured with the Orders of ‘Western Rite’ & ‘Alvares Julius’

The Family of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius
The Family of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius

Ben Kunjacko – OCP-MARP – 2/12/18

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Goa-India: The family of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius was decorated with the OCP Foundation Orders of ‘Western Rite Orthodoxy’ and ‘Metropolitan Alvares Julius’. The family was presented with a copy of the first part of the book’Western Rites of Syriac- Malankara Orthodox Churches’.

OCP-MARP delegation visited the house (during the month of November 2018 ) of Mr. Proto Maria Sores (the great-great-grandnephew of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius) and Mr. Antonio Oscar Sores (Son of Mr. Proto Maria) and his family. The delegation introduced a brief outline on the ongoing research (since 2009) on Metropolitan Alvares Julius and Western Rite Orthodoxy. The family was more than happy to receive the details.

Emotional Moments
George Alexander (OCP Secretary and Research officer at MARP) described the last wish, demise, and funeral of Metropolitan Alvares Julius (from an old document written by Late Fr. P.G. Koshy of Brahmavar, which was retrieved by Dr. Ajesh T. Philip). The description brought tears in the eyes of Mr. Proto Soares.

Blessings for OCP-MARP
Towards the end of the brotherly encounter, Mr. Proto gave his blessings to the OCP-MARP delegation and for the success of the success of the research initiative.

MARP or Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project is a research project launched in 2009. It is a project under the care of the Center for Orthodox Studies, which is an organ of the Dept. of Church Research & Studies of OCP Society.