‘We Pray for the Establishment of Peace in Ukraine as Soon as Possible’ – Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia

Pic - http://www.spc.rs/

Pic – http://www.spc.rs/

OCP News Service – 13/3/22

Belgrade-Ukraine: Patriarch Porfirije on Sunday of Forgiveness Vespers, at the Cathedral Church of St. Sava stated that “the war in Ukraine produces suffering and divisions, however, not only at this moment between our brothers, Russians and Ukrainians but threatens to bring suffering and divisions both to the whole world and to Europe, where we feel like a tragedy is imminent. Because of that, sorrow erupted in our hearts just like the war broke out, but also in our souls, sadness because of the suffering of the peoples close to us in every way, and anxiety as well because of the danger that this war brings to the whole of Europe and the entire world.

That means danger for us who live in areas that are divided and still insufficiently reconciled. That is why I feel the need to encourage all those gathered to turn sorrow into compassion, in solidarity with those who are suffering, with those who are now left without their homes and who seek refuge and security elsewhere. I remind myself and you, and call on myself and on you, to have sympathy with those who lack basic needs for survival and, of course, with those who are already coming to our country as refugees.

We pray for the establishment of peace in Ukraine as soon as possible. Let us pray to God to have peace talks as soon as possible instead of war, as peace is priceless”.

OCP News Service

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